Indo Dhans

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Indo Dhans is the indie pop moniker of Bay Area-born composer/producer Brama Sukarma. Growing up in a musical family—his dad is one of the great gamelan musicians of Indonesia—Brama has been making music since elementary school, starting on piano before taking up trombone. 

After moving to New York to pursue a jazz degree, Brama began gravitating more and more towards composition and production. His music as a whole is an amalgamation of his formal jazz and classical music training as well as with his love for pop, hip hop, reggae, salsa, and other music from all over the world. 

After a career of writing instrumental music, Indo Dhans was a result of buying a guitar on a cold January day and writing songs about recent love interests. The original influences of these songs were his high school ska band and 90s video game music, in an effort to capture his young days in San Jose, California. Since the debut album, Dreams From Another Coast, Brama has been discovering new ways to expand the sounds and lyrics of Indo Dhans.